Artists find inspiration in daily life, actively seeking untapped resources close to home. The Library Company became such a resource when nine members of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society discovered the Library's vast ephemera collection for this exhibition.  Ephemera is a transient vehicle for creativity, often ignored or discarded quickly. There is a wealth of imagery; art which may not have been considered art when it was made. When collected, ephemeral materials represent a window into daily life through words and pictures, the chosen format for cartoonists, and an eclectic and colorful visual snapshot, often combining humor and nostalgia.


The artwork in this exhibition make references to trade cards, paper labels, toys, fashion, and 19th century satire using a variety of mediums and often combining elements of the Library Company’s vast ephemera collection.


The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, established in 1997, is a group of cartoonists who live and work in Philadelphia, and includes 30 active artists among its nearly 100 members. The PCS supports creative collaboration and networking among its members and focuses on charitable work with children and local non-profits.


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